Caring for Your Family Like Our Own

Caring for Your Family Like Our Own

Practice FAQs

What type of patients do you see?

Active Care provides care for the whole family!  We see all walks of life from infancy to seniors.  Active Care does specialize in pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric care – we believe in creating a comfortable environment to support women throughout their pregnancy and emerge as the new and improved version of themselves that appears through the motherhood process. We also have a priority focus on pediatric wellness care and addressing common childhood concerns by making sure your child’s nervous system is functioning optimally!

What can I expect from my first visit?

When you come into our office for the first time, you will be greeted by our front desk staff, as you become part of our family when you join our practice!  You then will be asked to provide your photo ID and an insurance card (if you are using an insurance carrier with which we are in network).  One of our friendly front desk team members will give you a tour of the office and you will meet your practitioner. Our front desk team is careful in selecting the provider that is the best fit for your health goals.  During your intake, your doctor will ask about your health history.  You may find it beneficial to bring with you any previous x-rays, medication lists, or documentation of health complaints for the doctor to view.  She will also perform a physical exam, which will require you to take off your shoes, as well as be able to sit, stand, lay down, and perform basic movements on command.  After your exam, your doctor will perform your adjustment as well as rehab – this includes muscle work or manual therapy done anywhere on the body, stretching, teaching/coaching you through stretches to do at home, and more.  Once your visit is complete, you will check out with our front desk team to schedule further visits, as well as go over any insurance benefits and financial policies for the office.  If needed, you will be expected to pay for any copays or out-of-pocket costs for your visit before leaving and save a credit card on file with us.  We will provide you with a welcome folder that contains further information about services we offer and your doctor’s information should you need to reach out with a question about your care.  Our team’s goal is to make you feel welcomed and supported throughout the entire process – please ask as many questions as you need!

Is your office child friendly?

Yes! We are a family practice and we love for parents to bring their children with them to appointments and to get their children adjusted with them!  We have lots of toys and healthy snacks available in our community space.  We do ask that all parents be available to supervise their children throughout the duration of their visit as our staff will be busy assisting other patients and performing administrative tasks.

When I schedule a new patient appointment for my child, what can I expect?

Our appointments look a little different for our pediatric patients.  When you schedule a pediatric new patient appointment, you will be scheduling a 3 part series of appointments to get neurologically-focused chiro care for your little one.  The first appointment is a phone call between the doctor and yourself to discuss patient history and any issues you believe your child is experiencing.  For the second appointment, you will come with your child into the office to have INSiGHT scanning performed. INSiGHT scanning is non-invasive and provides objective data that helps the doctor find out where to focus their care and the frequency of adjustments.  For more information, see the question “What is INSiGHT scanning?” below.  This testing is performed by our office staff.  Finally, during the third visit, you will meet with the doctor in the office to discuss the scan results and your child’s care plan.  Your little one will get adjusted at this visit.  It’s important to schedule out your appointments according to the doctor’s recommended care plan after this visit so we can set them up for success! 

What is INSiGHT scanning?

INSiGHT scanning is a service we provide to neurologically assess your child through a series of non-invasive and state-of-the-art scanning procedures to assess the nervous system. Depending on the child’s age, he/she may receive two to three tests. The first test that all children receive is the Heart Rate Variability scan, which is looking for how well your child is responding to the everyday stressors of life. This HRV is performed best when the child is sitting (or in the case of infants, in their carseat or being held by a parent) – it takes 3 minutes to measure accurately and requires very little movement from the patient. The next scan that is performed on all patients is the Rolling Thermal temperature scan. This scan is done on bare skin – we ask that parents dress their kids in easy-to-remove onesies or shirts. The tool quickly rolls up the spine and measures temperature variations along the spine, as differences in temperature give us information on stuck interferences in the nervous system reflected in changes in organs and gland funciton. The final scan we perform on children ages 3 and above is a neurospinal EMG, which measures muscle tone and energy along the spine. This is key for finding patterns of stuck tension & imbalance that can be addressed through neurologically-focused chiropractic care. This scan is also performed on bare skin and can take about 5 minutes. We kindly ask that a parent or guardian to accompany their child in the room and help to encourage them. We recommend bringing a book to help keep your child occupied. 

For more information on what scanning is and what to expect, check out this article!

How can I share my experience with your office?

Your positive review is our highest compliment. We would love your review on Google or Yelp, and if you are interested in providing us with a testimonial, please let the front desk know! We would be more than happy to provide you with a form to fill out at your convenience. 

What is Genesis?

Active Care is introducting Genesis, a state-of-the-art EHR system that optimizes many tasks so we can focus on what matters most – patient care! We ask that patients download the Genesis Patient Portal as part of their new patient experience. You can fill out patient paperwork, view your current statements & balances, and even check in from the app when you arrive to your appointment! For more information or if you have any issues signing up, please contact the office!

I have never had a therapeutic massage before. What should I expect?

When your massage therapist brings you to the massage room, she will ask you about your current priorities for care and where she should focus on during your session. Please be assured that your doctor and massage therapist coordinate care and your doctor has reviewed with the therapist any existing conditions, contraindications, and areas of concern. You will be asked to undress appropriately for the area of concern and type of massage you are receiving. Our massage tables are heated for your comfort and your body will be draped in a sheet to provide privacy. Throughout the massage, your therapist will ask questions regarding appropriate pressure and your comfort level. If you experience any discomfort or pain, please tell your therapist immediately. Once the massage is over, you will re-dress and check out at the front desk. Please drink plenty of water after your massage to help with any soreness and toxin removal that occurred during your massage therapy session.

Should I tip for massages?

Tips are not expected, but appreciated at our practice.  You may tip at your own discretion.  We do provide tip envelopes at the front desk if you wish to leave one!

What is integrative nutrition? How can I set up my first appointment with your nutritionist?

 Integrative nutrition is a personalized approach to nutrition that focuses on optimizing your health, rather than just targeting symptoms.  This approach prioritizes a client-centered model of care that takes into account your unique physiology and lifestyle.  Integrative nutrition utilizes the modalities of both conventional and functional medicine, including dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes, to offer you the most comprehensive care possible.

Active Care works closely with integrative nutritionist Ashley Lakin to provide this service.  To schedule an initial appointment with Ashley, you can speak with our front desk staff or contact Ashley directly for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call where she can explain her process and determine if she is a good fit for your needs.  Her email is Ashley@ActiveCareAH.com.

Do you offer classes or informational events?

Active Care is an active place! We regularly host classes, workshops & community events! If you’re interested in checking out what we have to offer beyond amazing chiropractic expertise and care, feel free to stop by our website’s “Events” page and follow us on social media to get sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes photos, and more about our awesome events! 

Will I get reminders about my appointments?

Yes! We send out appointment reminders approximately 48 hours before your appointment via email and text message. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you do not reply to that email or text as they are automated, but to email the office at info@ActiveCareAH.com or call/text us at 847-749-0376. These reminders are a courtesy, and patients are expected to remember their appointments with or without our notice.

Our office has a 24 hour cancellation policy – if you know you will be unable to make an appointment please let us know as soon as possible, ideally before receiving the reminder. In an emergency situation, we ask that you email or call as soon as you receive your appointment reminder if you know that you will not be able to make the appointment. 

What is SKED?

SKED is an awesome companion app for our office! From this handy app, you can manage appointments for yourself and your family. You won’t need to call or text – you can just log in and schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments from the comfort of your home. You can view your recommended frequency of care, your doctor’s availability and even schedule same day! Tired of missing appointment reminders? You can set what you’d like to receive – texts, emails, and/or push notifications! There’s so much this app can do. Download the SKED.life app in the mobile app store, or text the office to have a link to download sent straight to your phone!

Billing FAQs

Do you take my insurance?

 Currently,  Active Care is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans and Medicare!  If you have one of these plans, we will be able to look up your benefits and go over them with you after your initial appointment.  Please be aware that this is a courtesy and you are expected to reach out to your insurance company to obtain and understand your benefits.

If you have insurance outside of our accepted networks or if you do not currently have insurance, we do have discounted out-of-pocket rates.  If you have an out-of-network plan such as United Healthcare, Aetna or Cigna, we can provide you with receipts and statements that you can submit to your insurance to try and obtain reimbursement.  Please note that this reimbursement is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of your insurance provider.


I have Medicare. What will be covered?

Medicare covers 80% of your chiropractic adjustment only, and does not cover other services such as exams, acupuncture, massage, and rehab.  We offer discounted Medicare rates for these services.  If you have supplemental insurance, these plans will usually only process the rest of the cost of the adjustment and will not cover any services that Medicare does not cover. 

What are your out-of-pocket rates?

We currently offer discounted cash rates for all services at Active Care.  Please call our office and our front desk will be happy to explain each service and pricing to you.

Is payment due at the time of service?

Yes, it is a patient’s responsibility to pay any deductible, co-payment, or any portion of the charges as specified by their insurance plan, at the time of their visit.  Charges that are not covered by an insurance plan (such as co-pays, missed appointment fees, or out-of-pocket charges) must be paid in full at the time of service.

Current patients who have a balance on their account may make a payment using this link.

How does payment work in your office?

Current patients may make a payment on your account using this link.

It is the policy of the office to maintain a credit card on file for each patient. Care may be terminated if a current credit card is not kept on file.

It is expected patients pay balances every 30 days when statements are delivered (text, email, USPS mail and/or given a statement in office) until balance is paid off. If the office receives no response to the correspondence by 90 days after the statement is delivered, any card on file will be automatically charged up to $500 of the current balance. If the payment is declined for any reason, the patient will be sent to Collections seven days after payment is declined.

The patient is responsible for any and all fees and charges incurred as a result of an account becoming delinquent including those assessed by the offices collection agency and/or court costs if the situation persists to that point.  Therefore, delinquent patient accounts (accounts not paid after 90 days) will have an added collection fee of 40% to the balance due.

Payment plans will be required for any balance exceeding $500.  The frequency and amount per payment plan will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, depending on the total balance. 

Active Care may limit frequency of visits or decline services to a Patient who is delinquent in paying their existing balance. Failure to make appropriate payments may result in termination of care.

Can you check my insurance before I schedule my first appointment?

We try our best to obtain patient benefits before the patient’s initial appointment.  However, we are unable to guarantee that we will have this benefit information before your appointment or be able to provide this information prior to scheduling an initial appointment.  We have existing claims for current practice members that are our first responsibility.  Providing benefit information is a courtesy we provide and new patients are expected to reach out to their insurance company to obtain and understand their benefits prior to coming to their first appointment. 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We kindly ask for 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment so that Active Care is able to meet the needs of all our patients.  We ask for 48-hour notice for new patients and re-activations (returning after 3 months). 

Without adequate notice, patients may incur a fee for a chiropractic or massage therapy visit.  Payment for a missed appointment or late cancellation is required within 48 hours of the appointment time.  If no arrangements are made, the fee will be charged to the card on file.

Patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for an office visit may be asked to reschedule and may incur a fee.  Patients who arrive late or depart early for massage therapy will be charged for the time missed.  Please contact our front desk team for the details regarding the specific charges for late or missed appointments. 

How can I view and pay my balance?

Current patients can make a payment toward their balance with this link.

Patients can use the Genesis Patient Portal app that their account is associated with to view their current balance. We are also able to email statements to you and even send you personalized pay links with your balance included. Please text the office if you’d like to use this feature!