Integrative Nutrition

Caring for Your Family Like Our Own

Caring for Your Family Like Our Own

The Active Care Difference

At Active Care, we make sure you take an active role in regaining your health and reaching your goals!

When you enter our practice, you become part of our family. We care for you as we would our own family. 

Seeing the whole picture

Integrative nutrition is a personalized approach to nutrition that focuses on optimizing your health, rather than just targeting symptoms. It truly integrates all components of wellness- diet, stress levels, sleep quality, emotional health, and the complex relationship between these components. The goal of integrative nutrition is to prioritize you and address any imbalances within the body that may be the root causes of your health concerns.

What does an integrative nutrition visit to Active Care look like?

What Can I Expect?

Complimentary Discovery Call (15 minutes)

This discovery call can be conducted via phone or Telehealth. During this session, you will briefly discuss your top health concerns with our nutritionist and get a better understanding about how integrative nutrition services can address your concerns.

Initial Intake Appointment (75 minutes)

During this appointment, you and our nutritionist will discuss your health history and current concerns. This session also includes a dietary analysis of a three-day food diary and a nutrition-focused physical exam to assess your nutrient status. If you have had any lab work completed within the past 6 months, please email those documents to

Upon booking, you will receive all required paperwork via email. Please do your best to complete and submit all forms the day prior to your appointment.

Follow-up Appointment (30 minutes)

You will meet with our nutritionist for follow-up visits to discuss progress, next steps, and any questions or concerns. Our nutritionist will give you a recommendation for the frequency of follow-ups depending on your individual needs.

Extended Follow-up Appointment (45 minutes)

If you have previously met with our nutritionist but have not had an appointment in the past 6 months, have a new diagnosis or concern, or have additional lab work to review, you will be asked to schedule an extended follow-up. This visit will allow for additional time to fully address your nutritional needs.

Postpartum Nutrition Wellness Appointment (60 minutes)

Nutrition is an important part of the postpartum recovery process, so this appointment is tailored to check your nutrient levels and overall metabolic health within the first 12 months postpartum. This appointment will include a comprehensive blood work panel run through your health insurance along with a meeting with our nutritionist to review results and personalized recommendations.

Become your very best self

Integrative nutrition provides many benefits for overall health and wellness for everyone in the family.


Integrative nutrition aims to increase mindfulness to reduce emotional and physiological stress. 

Mental Clarity

Integrative nutrition can reduce brain fog, enhance mental focus, and improve sleep.

Improved Immunity

Integrative nutrition improves your immune system by optimizing gut health and addressing your unique nutrient needs.

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