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The chiropractic adjustment is a manipulation in which a chiropractic physician applies a controlled, quick force to a joint in your spine or extremities to improve motion of the joint and reduce associated muscle tension.

When the spinal joint is brought to the end range, an audible sound called a cavitation can be heard. This noise depicts the release of gas within the spinal joint. The chiropractic adjustment helps to restore proper joint function by allowing the nervous system to operate optimally.


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In general, chiropractic visits at Active Care Chiropractic & Rehabilitation will be structured to include muscle relaxing techniques or myofascial release techniques, stretches and rehabilitation exercises, and chiropractic adjustments.

We will also prescribe at home exercises. It is imperative to perform your “homework” in order to progress quickly through treatment and move to the prevention phase of care. We pride ourselves on treating the root cause of patient’s complaints instead of symptom reduction and educate patients on prevention. We pride ourselves on taking a natural approach to helping our patients reach their health goals.


No exercises are required prior to your visit. Wearing loose-fitting or gym clothes will help you to perform rehab exercises comfortably,


Every injury is different and every patient responds differently to treatments. For these reasons, each treatment plan is individualized to each patient  and their respective injury or condition. Our doctors educate patients about their condition, the causes for the condition, and therefore the ways to prevent the issue in the future.  We emphasize physical therapy and rehabilitation, which is prescribed as home exercises performed outside of the office.  This empowers each patient to have the ability to treat his or her condition and also reduces the number of visits in the office.

Re-evaluations are performed monthly to ensure patients are improving  as quickly as possible. If patients improve quicker than the initially recommended treatment plans, the patient spends more time with at home exercises in between visits at Active Care.  Regular chiropractic adjustments help your spine’s health and your overall health too.

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Scheduling an chiropractic appointment with Active Care only takes minutes. We accept many kinds of insurance and can discuss the details of your financial responsibility prior to your appointment.

We are located on Northwest Highway (US 14) in between the Arlington Heights and Arlington Park Metra stations.

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